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渡辺久子 WAIMHブリスベン大会発表および座長 予定 

1.Author   Hisako Watanabe   

 Abstract No.  617  


 Play, Art, Narrative and Science: Cultural Approaches in Enhancing Intuition and Creativity to  Overcome

 Massive Disasters 

 Session     Symposium  

 Date・Hour     on demand            

2   Author       Hisako Watanabe   

 Abstract No   974



 Enhancing Intuitive Parenting and Attachment in Parent-Infant Relationship through

 Communicative Musicality and & REV Theory.   

 Session         Video Presentation    

 Date hour     on demand    


3.Author       Hisako Watanabe  


 Continuing Cultures: Stories that generate Social

 and Emotional, Spiritual and Cultural Wellbeing for Infants & Families  

 WAIMH Institute Part 3 – Asia 


 Date           June 25 

 Hour          JT  17:-18:30  


1.座長  Chair -person   Hisako Watanabe  

 Masterclass     Erum Mariam  


 Rohingyan Culture and Healing : How cultural identities can  

 Support displaced community  


 Date           June 23  

 Hour           5-6am        

2.Chair-person  Hisako Watanabe  

 State of the Art Lecture Fung  


 The superior Doctor: Advocating for Child centered Mental Health Policy  


 Date           June 24  

 Hour          6:00-7:20 am    

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